Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bid For Love up for Readers Choice...Last Day To Vote

I was so honored to have my book cover for Bid For Love be nominated and make it to the next round. It's up for the Readers Choice Award at the AJ Hampton Bash Forum...

Come on over and show me some love at

To vote you have to register at the forum and you are good to go. The poll ends today...

In advance thank you for all of you who have voted so far....

It truly means so much

Bid For Love coming Aug 18, 2008 Lyrical Press Inc.
Pleasure After The Pain coming soon to Red Rose Publishing
Satisfy Your Desire......Indulge The Temptation
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Release Day for Torrid Teasers Vol. 47

My Torrid Teasers Vol. 47 is now available with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

Three Nights with Adam

Determined to keep their sex life red hot, Paige plans a birthday surprise for Adam—his hottest fantasy come to life. But when she initiates a ménage with their friend, Lynne, she's unprepared for the emotional intensity of the experience.

The Ones We Love

Sarah struggles with her inhibitions as she prepares for a bacchanalian evening at her friends’ beach house. Within her close-knit circle of friends, the web of love and loyalties can get a bit—tangled.

Happy Reading!

Eden Rivers

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Blooded Just Released from the Wilder Roses

Hot Blooded by KyAnn Waters released today at The Wilder Roses.

To Purchase $1.50 Rosette

It’s hot as hell in Southern California, and Kelis LeBrun is having a bitch of a time keeping his focus and his fangs off the delicious looking Ms. Loni Soleil. Perhaps if it weren’t so bloody hot, he’d be able to stave off the hunger pangs. But the only way to do that is hot, sweaty sex…something he’d swore he’d never have with Loni. He couldn’t let her know he was a 300 year old vampire.

However, when they become trapped on an elevator during a rolling blackout Kelis discovers Loni has a few secrets of her own.


Two-hours. Fuck. He'd never last. Heat, from Loni and from the confined space, already had him apprehensive on his ability to withstand her lure. His teeth ached and his cock throbbed. He put his hand over Loni's. "Are you afraid?" She should be. He had only one way to stave off the hunger pains.


She stepped closer, and his fingers trailed up her arms. "I'm not afraid," she said. "As long as I know I'm not alone...that you're here with me."

He inhaled sharply. "You don't want to be alone with me," he whispered with his jaw clenched. "Not now." He gripped her shoulders, attempting to set her apart.

She clutched his arms. Her heart rate spiked. Blood rushed through her veins like a raging river, calling to him with the promise of eternal life. A lonely life for him. Even though he desired this woman, he would never subject her to an existence like his. He could make love to her—god forbid, feed from her—but he would never change her.

"But that's what I wanted to discuss with you." She rested a hand on his hip, and his cock jumped, engorged and throbbing.

He jerked his hands to his sides. "Loni, there areaspects about me you don't understand."

She trailed fingers up his torso. He hissed a breath through his teeth. Neither could see in the blackness, but he had a perfect image in his mind. He knew her blue eyes, like sunbursts, were focused on him.

He clenched his hands into fists to keep from touching her again. The temperature in the elevator climbed higher. "It's hot in here."

"Yes," she whispered.

He tuned into the rustle of clothing. Sweet hell, she was removing her sweater. It was going to get hotter.

She tugged on his shirttails.


"Two hours can be a long time."

A lifetime. Hers if she didn't cease touching, talking, tempting him. "Don't." He gripped her hand, stilling her movements. "Loni, we can't."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday's/ Author Event's Oh My

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to come and party with me and many amazing authors. This week we have an author corner with Liadan Brodie on June 6, 2008 and coming up on June 8, 2008 we have a huge birthday bash...There will be contests, prizes, book excerpts and much much more....
I hope to see you there

Stay naughty

Bid For Love coming soon to Lyrical Press Inc.
Satisfy Your Desire......Indulge The Temptation

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eternal Rapture Just Released

Just released from Ellora's Cave!
to purchase

Eternal Rapture By KyAnn Waters

Book One in the Ancient Awakening series

Long ago on the shore of the Sea of the Arabah five brothers were born…all immortal. To defend their destiny they must protect their eternal love.

Selene Farrell wasn't herself…or was she? Since arriving at Anthony Mager's remote castle to appraise ancient emeralds, she's been thrown back and forth in an erotic history lesson. In each memory, the man of the castle kissed, inflamed…bloody well fucked the life out of her. Her drenched panties couldn't take another orgasm — real or imagined.

However, she's also remembered her death. How is that possible? And will discovering the truth once again put her life in danger?