Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's To-Do List

You know, it seems like the days are moving in a time warp lately so I shouldn't be surprised that 2 seconds after New Years = Valentine's Day.

Nonetheless, my friends, I am ready.  I already have my to-do list in place.

Valentine's To-Do List

1) Cook one of the goodies on my Pinterest "Totally Lickable" board.  My Pinterest page is here.

2) Stop being obsessed with Pinterest so I can pay attention to my hubby.

3) New outfit, perhaps something a little sexay... like THIS

4) Reprogram my hubby's iphone so Siri will address him as "Big Poppa".  Why?  Um, why not?

So, what are your plans for the day of love?  I'm feeling lovey so I've decided to make things a little more interesting.  Leave me a comment by 2/14 about what you plan to do for V-day (even if it's stay in bed with the pillow over your head) and you can win a $25 Amazon giftcard!  If you tweet about it or post on FB about it, you get another contest entry.  Easy!

Even if you're not big on over-commercialized, secular holidays, you should still give your honey SOMETHING for Valentine's Day.

Even if it's just a kiss.

Stay Naughty!