Saturday, July 5, 2008

I need a vote at Whipped Cream Reviews

Hot Blooded has been put up for book review of the week. Voting is only today and tomorrow. I'd love to get a week of free promotion. =)

And the review is fabulous!

snippet: The one thing I look for in a vampire romance is a good bite scene and Kyann Waters knows how to deliver the goods. "Hot Blooded" is sensual, seductive and contains a surprise at the end that simply made me smile in delight. Actually, I think I said, “Cool!” ....

Ms. Waters knows the proper way to write a vampire bite for full sexual impact, how to save a tortured hero and how to give a reader a refreshing, exciting and unique HEA. It’s all wrapped up in a short story aimed at the best of what vampire romances are known for -- a happily ever after you can sink your teeth into.

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Eden Rivers said...

Oh darn, I'm a day late for the voting, but what an AWESOME review! Congrats!