Friday, August 7, 2009

Beg For It *Virtual* Release Party

Welcome to the Beg For It Release Party! Thanks for stopping by to help me celebrate my very first release with Ellora's Cave. Everyone who leaves me a comment below will be entered in a drawing to win one of three prizes:

(1) $25 Amazon gift card
(2) A download of any of my books
(3) An Ellora's Cave playing card deck

In Beg For It, Milo and Mya are best friends, co-workers and rivals. They are also secretly in love with each other.

The only thing ad executive Mya Taylor loves more than winning is her best friend Milo Hamilton. Nothing has ever come between them until she finds out Milo is her chief rival for a new account.

Milo’s not sure when it happened but his secret crush has morphed into an obsession. He wants Mya in his bed, screaming his name, and he knows just how to make it happen.
When he proposes a friendly wager on the account, he knows the ultra-competitive Mya won’t be able to resist. She’s more than ready to lay it all on the line until she finds out how high the stakes are—the two of them. Skin to skin.
Suddenly, all bets are off…

When I was younger I always had a lot of platonic male friends. Guys seemed to be infinitely less difficult than girls, more relaxed, just more fun.

Fun without all the drama.

However as I've gotten older, even the idea of having close male friends has become something I can't really imagine. I find myself wondering if my husband will be jealous or if people at work will start to talk. It's no longer the relaxed, simple thing it used to be. When did things get so complicated?

As I was writing Beg For It, I couldn't help thinking back on some of those long ago friendships I used to have. Was I fooling myself in believing we were really just friends?

So I'm interested to get some other people's opinions. Do you think men and women can truly be just friends if they're also attracted to each other? Or do you think the attraction would always be in the way, even if you never acknowledged it, like the proverbial "elephant in the room"?



Anonymous said...

I definitely think that men and women can be friends and only friends. Some of my best friends were guys. As for the talk, the rumours? Well, my husband is the only one that matters and we talk about everything. He knows me, and I know him. He would never have a reason to think I would least without his permission ;)

Minx Malone said...

Ooh Natasha, you naughty girl ;)

Michelle said...

I think it's definitely possible. However, I think a lot of the times the friendship happens by accident -- such as when a crush turns into friendship or vice versa.

Michelle Lauren

Anonymous said...


Kytaira said...

Yes, I do think it's possible. It's also harder. I was military and worked in the transportation field. All guys. I was also stationed at a remote. 90%+ guys. When I got married and we were transfered, I made a decision not to have such close friendships with other guys.

Kytaira said...

Guess I should have clarified why its harder. All to grequently the guys hinted that they wanted a shot at a permanent relationship.

Minx Malone said...

I can definitely see a crush turning into friendship. There have been guys I was crushing on at first who I later decided weren't THAT cute and we became friends :) I think their immature behavior saved me from making a fool of myself actually.

ddurance said...

I think they can totally be friends. Isn't sexual tension what keeps us reading romance books? You hold your breath everytime there's a possibility of the characters getting together and when they don't, sometimes thats more titillating than when they do.

Vanessa said...

Minx --
Hope your virtual release party is/was a success. Love the cover for "Beg For It" all the best to you.

Minx Malone said...

Thanks Vanessa! Glad you like the cover. It's great to see more publishers embracing multicultural stories as well as curvier heroines.

Cathy M said...

I think it can be dicey if there is any kind of sexual attraction, but I have three close male friends that I grew up with that are as close to me and as fun to hang around with as my best girl friends. Their opinions are so darn MALE, that we spend many visits just laughing together.