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Dark Man and Sexy Vampires

Today the third installment of my Blood Slaves series, Dark Man, released from Ellora’s Cave. Before I tempt you with an excerpt or two, I’d thought I’d share some of my other sexy vampires and vampire lore.

The Blood Slaves isn’t my first foray into the erotic decadence of nightwalkers and bloodsuckers. In Hot Blooded, Kelis is a vampire living in LA. And the woman in the story, Loni Soleil is offspring from a man from another star system. And in After Dark, Ellora’s Cavemen Jewels of the Nile Vol II, Alandro Blackwood is a Native American vampire searching for his bloodmatch, the only woman with whom he can breed. In After Dark, I explained away the myths of vampires. Garlic was only offensive because the vampire’s acute sense of smell intensified the odor. Alandro had a reflection but didn’t like looking at himself. Within the comments section of this post, I’ll share an excerpt from After Dark and Hot Blooded.

However, in Blood Slaves, the vampire world is unlike anything I’ve written before. Seven master vampires control the entire vampire world. Only the seven can turn a human, only the seven are warm blooded and only the seven have a heartbeat. In the first three installments, the history of the vampires is only brushed upon. This was intentional. Each story reveals a little more of their world. There is a rift occurring between the seven and the rest of the vampire world and the vampire world and humanity. In future works, you’ll learn more about the disease that nearly destroyed all vampires, how Theron and the other seven survived and how the disease will once again threaten the vampire’s very existence.

But for now, let’s move on to the good stuff. Theron is my favorite character to date. He's stubborn and yet vulnerable. He's responsible for his Sect of vampires and refuses to let others close. He feeds and F*cks in the Catacombs. There are times when he isn't likeable, but you can't help but still feel for him because you know his iron-fisted control comes from a need to protect his world and the vampires. To see him in his own story is both thrilling and scary as hell, because I hope readers love him as much as I do.

This book is graphic and intense. I'm going to post the excerpts in the comments section.

Book 3 in the Blood Slaves series.

Vance is determined to discover the secrets hidden in The Catacombs, an exclusive all-male fetish club. Someone there was the last person to see his ex-lover alive and he intends to seek revenge for the brutal murder. Once in, he meets Tac, the owner of the club. He's secretive and hot as hell. The BDSM sex is unlike anything Vance has experienced. Tac is becoming an obsession and keeping him from the truth.

Nothing can endanger the vampires' existence. Theron, known in the club as Tac, will destroy any who try. He is dominant and dangerous--in total control of his world. He lives only for sex and blood. He has never been emotionally involved with anyone. Now, a human has slipped into his life and under his skin, making him want more than meaningless sex with blood slaves. But Theron will never allow a mere mortal to bring him to his knees.

Note: This book contains scenes of smoking-hot men engaged in multiple-partner sex and bondage.

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KyAnn said...

An Excerpt From: DARK MAN

Copyright © KYANN WATERS, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

Vise-like pressure gripped his chest. His gut clenched and his cock throbbed. Sweat beaded on his brow and upper lip. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and swallowed hard. Muscles, strained from anticipation, burned like fire. Heat chased along every nerve into his groin and pooled in his heavy balls. Fantasy clashed with reality. The Catacombs. Vance Autry hadn’t really known what to expect. He’d only known he’d had to get in.

“What do you want?” The words broke through the haze of lust swirling in his mind. What did he want? Since meeting Tac, that’s what he’d been asking himself.

Tac palmed his ass. A blatant show of possession. There was a time he’d have gone off. He wasn’t anyone’s boy toy. He gave a mental snort. Apparently, that wasn’t true. He glanced at Tac. He was devilishly handsome. Tall and lengthy but built. Lean muscles carved his form. Dark hair framed his angular face and draped past his broad shoulders in silken waves. Long lashes fringed amber eyes glinting with something intensely dangerous. Eyes to drown in. Eyes that saw too deeply—into the soul. Tac was dangerous because he was too sexy, too appealing, and Vance could feel himself being slowly sucked into Tac’s world.

“A drink,” he said in response to the question. Only he was sure it wasn’t the answer Tac was looking for. He wanted to know who they were going to fuck first.

Tac chuckled. “If getting you liquored up will let me have my way with you, I’ll pour the alcohol myself.” The statement surprised Vance. Tac didn’t drink and had seemed to appreciate that Vance didn’t either.

“Liquid motivation isn’t required. Just a soda.” Vance didn’t drink alcohol because he didn’t want his senses dulled. He needed to be in complete control of his faculties. He had to be ready for the unexpected.

Tac went for the cola and Vance stood at the perimeter of the Pit. A room with no limits and few rules. Tac didn’t submit. He dominated. He fucked like a machine. At least, that was the conclusion Vance had come to in the few weeks he’d known Tac. It also brought about the hard reality that their involvement was temporary.

Temporary was fine. Tac was a means to an end.

Returning a few minutes later, Tac wrapped an arm around him with a soda in his hand. Positioned behind him, he pressed in close, riding the seam of Vance’s ass with his thick, solid cock.

“Have a drink, because I’ve arranged our entertainment for the evening.”

Vance’s mouth went suddenly dry and his cock head grew moist. “What’s his name?” He took the glass from Tac’s fingers and brought it to his lips.

“No names.”

In the Pit, with Tac, even if the players changed, the game was consistent. Always, at the end of the night, Vance came to the same conclusion—he and Tac were together, and with each encounter they shared, Tac slipped a little more under his skin. Becoming involved—emotionally involved—made for an impossible situation.

Vance tried to convince himself that this wasn’t his scene. He had a bigger purpose for his behavior. Vance played in the Pit for Tac—because he needed him. Needed information. Vance was only in The Catacombs because he had to be. This was where he’d find the last man who’d seen Seth alive.

Deep down, where he kept his dirty little secret, he admitted he wanted Tac, wanted the club, the hot men and hot sex. He wanted to be fucked to the point of exhaustion. He was Tac’s boy toy.

KyAnn said...

After Dark
Copyright © KyAnn Waters, 2008
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
After Dark by KyAnn Waters (Ellora's Cave Jewels of the Nile Vol II Anthology)

Blurb: Kayla March has never reached orgasm...not even with a vibrator. However, she has the feeling that could all change when she meets Alandro Blackwood at the club After Dark.

Few vampires can breed. Alandro carries the unique recessive gene. His blood match, believed to have been killed by a vampire slayer, has been found. Unless her dormant vampire gene had already been awakened by a breeder, why would she go to After Dark, the feeding grounds? He'd soon find out.

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"Oh my God, I feel a flush." Nita shifted on the seat and adjusted her top to better accentuate her breasts.

"If you were interested in something besides boring, I'd say he's all yours." Kayla glanced around again. "I'm looking for dark and mysterious."

And there he was. She gripped Nita's thigh and squeezed.

"Ouch!" And then Nita saw him, too. "Oh my God."

Damn! He was gorgeous, standing in the doorway. Partially cast in shadow, yet his features were still discernible. Thick brows arched high over hooded eyes glinting like polished obsidian and framed with heavy lashes. Strong square jaw, hollow cheeks, and lips that hinted at a smile as if he thought of something pleasurable.

Molten heat flooded Kayla's core. Fervid sexual images formed in her mind. How would it feel to run her hands over the broad shoulders hidden under a black, silk button-down shirt? Black jeans hugged his hips just tight enough to outline the bulging cock behind the fly. Straight, dark hair, as black as night, flowed to the middle of his back like a liquid curtain.

"He's sin personified." Dark, decadent, and surely worth eternal damnation.

He glided across the room and went to the bar.

"He looks like the type to fuck."

Nita nailed it. The man exuded raw masculinity. He wouldn't make love, but instead make a woman scream through her orgasms. Kayla wished she knew what one felt like. Most women claimed they could find release in seconds with a high-powered vibrator. Kayla had tried. Maybe she just wasn't capable of orgasms.
Somehow she knew this man wouldn't leave her unsatisfied. Kayla couldn't tear her eyes away from the stranger. Underlying strength radiated. No unnecessary movements. He was completely efficient.

Kayla imagined he wouldn't waste time with pleasantries. A man like that knew what he wanted and would be tenacious in his pursuit. She was determined, too. Tall, dark and dangerous was the hottest guy in the bar and he'd just ordered a drink.

"Didn't you want to talk to the bartender?" Kayla met Nita's eyes and conveyed her intention with a single wink.

KyAnn said...

Hot Blooded
Copyright © KyAnn Waters,

"And I'm afraid."

She didn't sound afraid, rather seductive and--with the way her fingers caressed his skin--determined.

Her lips fluttered against his sternum. "It's too dark. I need human contact."

But I'm not human...not for three hundred years.

She touched her tongue to his flesh.

"Oh god." Kelis grasped her by the shoulders, pushed her back against the elevator wall, and savagely sealed their lips. He couldn't stop. The need to rip her clothing from her body, spread her thighs, and impale her on his cock was too great.

No, he wouldn't stop until he could escape this black, suspended box. But he wouldn't feed, just fuck.

Her lips parted. A brush of tongues. Erotic because it was Loni, but not nearly enough. He couldn't seal their mouths, curl his tongue around hers and kiss her deeply, not without grazing her with his fangs. No, he couldn't risk drawing blood. Instead, he coaxed her. Tongue to velvety tongue. Touching, tasting, drinking the hot sweet flavor of her mouth. Her velvety skin heated with his touch.

Kelis jerked away from the kiss. Pressure built. He growled and ground his cock into her mound. He didn't want finesse or romance. Didn't want to attach an emotional connection to what could only be a temporary solution to satiate his hunger. But this was survival--hers.

Knowing they would need to leave the elevator fully clothed, he found patience and carefully unbuttoned her blouse. He couldn't use his psychic shield with her, couldn't let her know his true nature.

"Let me." She pushed his fingers out of the way and quickly had her blouse and bra off.

"I can't see you, but I've imagined touching you too many times not to know your body by heart." He trailed a fingertip across her collarbone. Her pulse fluttered. "I know you in the dark because I've known you in my dreams."

She shuddered. "Please. Touch me."

"Never beg, my sweet." He sipped her lips. "That you allow me to touch you is more than I can put into words." Kelis held her close as he caressed her shoulder blade and down her back with one hand. Silken tresses fell like a curtain over his knuckles, past the strap of her bra.

He traced her spine to the zipper of her skirt. The rasp of the teeth unlinking sounded loud in the small compartment, but then so did their heavy breathing. Loni shimmied her hips and her skirt fell to the floor.

"Why, Ms. Soleil, I never would have guessed what you hid beneath your sensible clothing." He slipped a finger beneath the stretchy lace of her thong panties. "What color are they?"

"Ohhh. Pink. I think." He feathered a touch across her abdomen. "No, I can't think."

He reached around, grasped her buttocks, and lifted, aligning her mound to his bulging shaft.

"Don't think, just feel." He put her hand on his bare chest. "Give in to the pleasure...give yourself to me."

KyAnn said...

continued excerpt from Hot Blooded

Kelis endured the erotic torture of her hands on his flesh. Her thumb brushed his beaded nipple. Inching higher, she pushed his shirt from his shoulders and tugged it down his arms.

Past his threshold for stimuli, Kelis toed off his wingtips, stripped off his socks, then dropped his slacks and briefs. Once naked, he went to his knees. Hooking a finger into the scraps of elastic, he slipped her panties over her hips and down her legs.

He had to touch before he tasted, know her with his hands, fingers, then his mouth. In the sweltering heat, the musky essence from her pussy grew stronger. He palmed her silk-covered calves. "Spread your legs, my sweet."

She stepped wider. Her legs were toned and sculpted. Kelis gently tickled the back of her knee, tracked his fingertips higher to the edge of her thigh-high stockings.

Her rapid breathing reflected the anticipation strumming through him. Finally, he inhaled deeply and slid his tongue between her moist, hot folds.

"Oh Kelis, yes." She gripped his shoulders.

Dark, delicious flavors floated across his tongue. Sweet and musky. Unlike anything he'd tasted before. He burrowed into her mound, searching out her nub and coaxing her clit from behind its hood with his lips. He licked and sucked, unable to quench his thirst for her.

"More. Give me more. Feels so good."

Kelis grinned. Apparently his agreeable assistant had a demanding side. Lifting one of her legs to his shoulder, he gave her what she wanted.

Parting her pussy lips, he plunged his middle finger deep, stroking her smooth inner walls. Her body trembled, and she clutched his shoulders. Two fingers. Hot cream flowed from her core. He continued to finger fuck her.

Kelis tamped down his needs and focused solely on hers. Yet his cock throbbed, his own juices seeped from the tip, trickling down the shaft. He'd gone too long, wanted Loni too much. Hunger he couldn't suppress surged through his system. He'd miscalculated. Perhaps with anyone except Loni the craving could have been calmed with sex. Loni was different. She increased his appetite. He couldn't resist.

Seeing with his hands, he kissed his way up her body. Light feathery kisses to her navel. He molded her heavy globes in his palms, then plucked her erect nipple with his lips. She inhaled, and he sucked more of her flesh into his mouth.

"Bite my nipples."

"No." She didn't know what she asked. He couldn't bite her.

"Kelis, please." She gripped his head.

"You don't understand. I won't be able to stop."

"I don't care. I know what I want. Bite me," she begged.

"I can't." Kelis groaned and bit hard into his own lip to keep from sinking his fangs into Loni. He seized her by the waist and lifted. "Wrap your legs around me." She did, and he positioned her with the engorged crown of his shaft at her drenched hole. "Ride me." He slid his cock into her hot, tight pussy. Wet walls gloved him in ecstasy.

Bracing her back against the elevator wall, he pumped his hips, driving in and slowly pulling out of her erotic sheath. Pain ripped through his gut. His fangs lengthened. He stretched his neck, refusing to succumb to his base need.

Loni cried out. "I'm coming." Her fingernails bit into his flesh. She clung to him. Sweat slicked their skin. Her breasts bounced, the taut nipples grazing his chest.

The rhythmic pressure on his shaft sent Kelis over the edge. He pounded into her channel, cramming her full of his cock. Instinct reigned. He couldn't stop. Nor could he deny himself kissing her neck, sucking her sweet flesh. He savored the foray into feeding. His mouth opened, and he pierced the soft flesh. His fangs lengthened slipping deep into a pulsing vein.

Blood surged into his mouth. Stars exploded behind his eyes. Scalding heat burned through his system. Oh fuck!

Loni wasn't human.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hot excerpts! Loved Hot Blooded & can't wait to read this trilogy of smokin' hot vampires!

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