Thursday, August 5, 2010

Naughty Girls at Nationals

Well, I'm back from RWA Nationals 2010.  Whew!  This year was one of the busiest yet.  I traveled with my BFF, Michelle Lauren, and we arrived in Orlando ready to par-tay.

Nora Roberts was the keynote luncheon speaker this year and her speech was inspiring. Her main point was that people who spend all their time lamenting how hard publishing is now are fooling themselves.  It's hard now, it was hard back in the day and it will always be hard.  That's what makes it so special.  I loved her speech and yes, I loved that she kept saying "Bullshit" over and over.  Love me some Nora.

Jayne Ann Krentz also imparted some interesting knowledge in her address.  She's had success in several genres and shared that you can write the core story of your heart and set it in different landscapes without feeling like you're selling out.  (She's written contemporaries, historicals and futuristics.)

Last but DEFINITELY not least is the swag :)

 Michelle Lauren and I will be unselfishly sharing some of our RWA bounty on Monday 8/9/10 during her all day reader chat extravaganza.  If you're not a member of her message board - GO SIGN UP NOW.

Did I mention we're giving away RWA swag?  See you there...



Michelle Lauren said...

Thanks for posting this Minx. I, too, loved Nora Roberts speech. I did the RWA survey and requested they ask her to speak again. She's always so matter of fact about things.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are lucky, I wanted to go to this but didn't have the money.

Minx Malone said...

Maybe we'll see you there next year Jessica. It's always a blast.

Michelle Lauren said...

Jessica, have you ever attended RT, the Romantic Times convention? I hear it's really exciting and it gives readers a chance to interact (and party!) with their favorite authors. RT is where they have the Ellora's Cave party, as well as parties by Sherrilyn Kenyon, etc.