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"Write what you know," they said...

...and I took them at their word. I enjoy reading (and writing) science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and other genre fiction. I also enjoy reading and writing smut. As a college friend of mine once said, when I mentioned that he talked about sex an awful lot, "I like having sex. And when I'm not having sex, I like talking about sex." It's hard to argue with that logic.

When I started writing with the intent to be published, I continued to write science fiction, fantasy, mysteries--and erotica. I've never piloted a starship or fought an invading horde of orcs, but I can imagine it. Sex, though--sex I know about. I was interested in sex long before I ever managed to experience it. The combination of being painfully shy as a child and growing up in a conservative, religious small town environment in Virginia meant it took me much longer than I'd have liked to finally cross that threshold.

That didn't prevent me from reading about it, a lot. And fantasizing. Among the fantasies that aroused me the most were having lots of partners (albeit one at a time), and getting involved in wild sex parties. It took me some years, but I managed both eventually. I've been involved in swinging for a long time now, and while I know some people just don't go for that sort of thing, I don't understand it.

I can understand being nervous about trying something new. I've been a curious first-time observer, and a nervous newbie. The experiences of my heroine, Angela, in The Wild One are not autobiographical, but a lot of the details are based on personal observations:

Excerpt from "The Wild One"

Angela crowded close behind Lourdes as she stopped abruptly in front of the hotel room door. Michelle bumped into Angela and giggled nervously. Angela couldn’t blame her. She could feel nervous giggles poised to escape her own lips.

“This is it,” Lourdes said. The glance she gave Angela and Michelle suggested that she wasn’t quite as calm as she’d like them to believe. Nonetheless, Lourdes knocked firmly on the door. Angela could hear the faint sound of conversation through the door. It didn’t sound like a sex party.

The door opened a crack, and a short, redheaded woman peeked out from behind it. She looked them over, and they must have passed inspection because she backed up, opening the door and silently inviting them inside.

Angela followed Lourdes and Michelle into the room. She glanced back as the redhead closed the door behind them. The woman was short, busty and naked. Silver piercings gleamed in her nipples. She noticed Angela’s look. “Hi, I’m Emily.”

“Angela.” She wasn’t sure what to say next. What do you say to a naked woman you’ve just met? A familiar squeal of greeting saved her from having to find out. She turned to see Vicki leap up from a sofa to greet her three newly arrived friends.

“You made it!” Vicki sounded surprised as well as pleased. She’d tried to get them to come to the party with her, but they had turned her down. It was only after spending some time club hopping that Lourdes had suggested taking Vicki up on her offer. Just, you know, to see what a sex party looked like.

Angela had secretly wanted to go all along, but she hadn’t had the nerve to do it. When Lourdes suggested it again, emboldened by alcohol, Angela had agreed that it sounded like fun. Together, they’d convinced Michelle to give it a try.

Vicki had hugged Lourdes, and now she threw herself at Angela. She was wearing a pair of lace panties and nothing else. “Hey, girl,” Vicki said. “I didn’t think you’d show.”

“We almost didn’t.” Angela gave Vicki a quick hug. “But Lourdes insisted.”

“Me? You wanted to too!”

Vicki laughed and turned to greet Michelle with a hug. “Well, you’re here. That’s what counts. Let me introduce you around.”

Angela looked around, taking in the room as Vicki made introductions. It was a fairly standard hotel room. A bathroom just inside the door to the hall, a king-size bed, and a dresser opposite the bed. The dresser was covered with food and drink—a variety of snack foods, dips, a bucket of chicken, several large bottles of soda, a couple of wine bottles, and disposable plates and utensils.

The back of the room, normally occupied by a small writing desk and chair, was crowded with half a dozen chairs obtained from elsewhere. The chairs formed a rough circle, and about half of them were occupied. Three women and one man occupied the conversation circle. None of them wore more than a towel.

The connecting doors to the rooms on either side of this one were propped open. The sounds of sex drifted through a doorway. Angela couldn’t see into there from her position, but she could see into the other room. It contained two large beds, both unoccupied.

“You’ve met Emily,” Vicki said. Emily waved. Vicki named names, but Angela wasn’t listening. It sounded like at least two women were getting fucked next door, and she was intensely curious—and embarrassed to reveal that fact by walking over to the doorway to look.

Vicki took care of that. “And in this room,” she said, pausing in the doorway, “we have the rest of the gang.”

Lourdes, Angela and Michelle all eyed one another for a moment then collectively walked over to join Vicki, who stepped into the next room. They followed. Angela felt her pulse race in anticipation. She’d had sex and even seen some porn. But she’d never seen real people doing it.

There were two queen beds in the next room. On the nearest bed a couple were going at it missionary style. The woman was blonde, big-boned, and red faced. Her lover was a well-built young man with short, dark blonde hair. His cock was— Angela stared for a moment. It was bigger than any she’d ever seen outside of a porn video.

On the next bed, three men were busy with a single woman. One man was kneeling between her legs, her feet bobbing by his ears, as he fucked her. The woman had a cock in each hand, and was avidly sucking one or the other of them when she wasn’t screaming.

Vicki named the foursome, but again Angela wasn’t listening. “That’s Lynn,” Vicki added, gesturing at the large blonde. Lynn chose that moment to throw her head back and arch her back. She wailed and pounded the mattress with one hand. “Oh god—yes, yes!

When Lynn’s outburst was over, Vicki grinned. “And the gentleman giving Lynn such pleasure is George. Say hello, George.”

George turned his head to take in the sight of Angela, Lourdes and Michelle huddled nearby. “Hello, ladies,” he said, never pausing in the vigorous thrusting of his hips. “Pleased to meet you.” The gleam in his eyes told Angela that he was almost as casual about fucking in front of three strange women as he was pretending to be. He might even be getting off on it.

Angela nodded. “Hey,” she said. Lourdes and Michelle mumbled a greeting as well. Michelle had her flask in hand. She took a drink then passed it to Lourdes, who raised it to her lips for a moment. When Lourdes passed it on, Angela drank as well.

“George here is lots of fun,” Vicki said. She leaned over to kiss him on the mouth. George pressed a hand to the back of Vicki’s head, prolonging the kiss. His hips never stopped moving. Angela watched, wide-eyed. They were so casual about it. George was fucking another woman, and Vicki just kissed him like it was nothing....

Being a newbie was terrifying--and thrilling. But time and experience turn newbies into regulars. What was once shocking and eye-opening can become mundane. It's no less exciting and pleasurable than it ever was, but the naughty thrill of doing something novel and beyond your experience is replaced by familiar pleasures. Again, Daisy's experience is not mine, but I based her adventures on the things I've witnessed and experienced in such places.

Excerpt from "Queen Bee"

Daisy strutted into Soixante-Neuf as if she owned it. Blonde, beautiful, sexy…and alone. She’d exchanged her drab work attire for a midnight blue cheongsam—a form-fitting Chinese dress—and matching heels. She nodded at the man behind the front desk. He knew her well and no longer even asked for her membership card.

The club was moderately crowded, though nowhere near as packed as it would be by midnight. Daisy wasn’t the only regular. She waved or called out greetings to men and women across the room. Others approached to give her a hug, a kiss, or a grope. Often all three.

Still others simply watched her, heads turning as she passed. They were newbies or return visitors who knew her only as the gorgeous blonde who showed up every weekend. Maybe one or two of those men would work up the nerve to approach her on any given night. If they did, and if she found them attractive, she might play with them. If not...well, they had only themselves to blame.

“Daisy!” A naked woman with long, curly red hair approached. She was short and busty, with pierced nipples. She was also flushed and sweating, clearly just done fucking someone.

“Emily!” Daisy leaned over to kiss Emily on the cheek, both of them careful to avoid mussing Daisy’s dress. “Having fun, I see.”

Emily grinned. “You know it!”

Daisy did know. Emily had been one of the first people to befriend her when she’d first braved the club. She’d taken Daisy by the hand and led her around, introducing her to everyone. She’d also spent a lot of time talking to Daisy and answering her questions. She was the only person Daisy knew who was more enthusiastic about swinging than Daisy herself.

They conversed for only a minute before Emily excused herself to shower. Daisy moved on, drifting through the facility to see who was there and what was happening. As usual, not a lot yet—people were socializing, snacking, dancing, playing pool. Maybe indulging in a little grab-ass. The only real action she discovered was in the public play area.

She joined the crowd clustered around a large group bed, their attention focused on a single couple. The crowd around the bed was composed of about equal numbers of men and women. None of them seemed inclined to do more than watch, which they did in an almost eerie silence.

Daisy worked her way into a position to see the couple on the bed. To her utter lack of surprise, she recognized a woman named Lisa crouching over a dark-haired man Daisy didn’t know, engaged in sixty-nine. She knew Lisa well. They’d often shared a bed, usually with several other people, but occasionally just the two of them.

Daisy wasn’t yet so jaded that watching other people have sex had lost its fascination. She watched along with the rest of the crowd for a few minutes. Individuals and couples drifted away and were replaced by other spectators. Someone slid into position at her side, a tall blond man—six two at least—shirtless but wearing a pair of slacks and shoes. He sensed her attention and smiled at her before he turned his attention back to the show.

Lisa and her playmate continued pleasing one another, seeming oblivious to their audience. Lisa began breathing more loudly and erratically, her attention to her blow job flagging. Daisy wasn’t surprised when Lisa raised her head, halting her blow job to shudder all over and make the delighted little noises Daisy had come to know so well. Then, her orgasm over, Lisa resumed her efforts.

The blond man next to her leaned in a little. “They sure seem to be having fun, don’t they?”

“They do,” she agreed. She waved a hand to indicate the crowd around them. “They seem to be the only ones, though.”

He nodded slowly and moved closer. “I’ve noticed that. It seems to happen a lot. People pay good money to come to these clubs, and then they just sit around and watch. I don’t get it.”

“We’re watching,” she pointed out, though she hoped it wouldn’t be for much longer.

He acknowledged her point with a minute shrug. “Yeah, but I just got here. What’s your excuse?” He grinned. “I’m Paul, by the way.”

She looked up into his eyes and said, very seriously, “Nobody’s asked me yet. I’m Daisy.”

Paul leaned in again, close enough that Daisy could feel his breath on her ear. She shivered, desperately horny and eager to join Lisa on that huge bed. “Sometimes,” Paul said, “I’m tempted to just announce, ‘Everyone who’d rather have sex than watch sex, raise your hand!’ Maybe that would get people moving.”

She laughed. She knew exactly what he meant. “It might at that.”

“What about you?” He stood behind her now, not quite touching her but close enough that she could feel his breath on her ear when he spoke.

“What about me what?” she asked, deliberately drawing him out.

“Wouldn’t you rather have sex than watch someone else have it?” Now he did touch her, placing his hands lightly on her hips.

She felt a rush of excitement. She glanced at him over her shoulder, biting her lip as she considered it. He was a good looking man, and his proposition was nicely done.

“Yes,” she said. She turned to face him. “I think I would.”

“Excellent. Here?”

Daisy nodded. She took his hand and threaded past several of the voyeurs to the edge of the bed. She turned, stepped into his arms, wrapping hers around him. Excitement plucked at her nerves and tightened things low in her body. She was about to have sex with a new partner, a complete stranger, in public. Just the thought quickened her breath. If her hands weren’t pressed against his back, they’d be trembling.

She rose on the balls of her feet to kiss him. He returned the kiss with enthusiasm, his mouth hot on hers, his arms tightening around her. She closed her eyes and focused on the strength of his arms, the feel of his body against hers, and the delicate touch of his tongue on hers. He was excited, his arousal evident in the lump pressed against her abdomen.

She broke the kiss and turned her back to Paul. He unbuttoned the top of her dress then unzipped it slowly. The dress sagged open. He planted kisses on the exposed skin of her neck and back, provoking a shiver of excitement. She wriggled free of the dress, letting it drop around her feet.

He cupped her breasts through her bra, his hands large enough to cover her small breasts. He caressed her through the dark lace, teasing her nipples erect. A moment later, she felt her bra unclasped. Fingers brushed the straps from her shoulders, and it slithered down her arms to fall to the floor.

His arms enveloped her, left hand moving to fondle her right breast as his right hand drew a line down her stomach to slip into her panties. His fingers grazed her lower lips to slide between her legs and cradle her sex as he nipped at her ear.

She shivered at his touch. Reaching back between them, she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. He was hard, his cock drawing the fabric of his briefs taut. She closed her hand around him, smiling at the heat and weight of him. “Mmm,” she said.

She was very aware of their audience. Knowing she was being watched was half the fun of sex at the club. It thrilled her to have uninhibited sex in front of people too shy to do more than observe. Knowing that the men wanted her and the women wanted to be her added immeasurably to her pleasure.

He curled his middle finger, drawing it along her wet lips before parting them slightly. His touch made her body tighten, and he toyed with her stiff nipple with his other hand. Her hand tightened on his cock, and he drew an excited breath then trailed kisses up her neck to her ear. He nibbled at her ear as he fingered her pussy and fondled her breast.

His busy hands and mouth were magic. Pleasure sizzled through her body, arcing between points of contact like lightning. Her legs threatened to buckle. She reached up to clasp the back of his neck with one hand and leaned against him, letting him help her stay upright.

On the bed before them, Lisa and her lover continued to give one another oral sex. Daisy watched through heavy-lidded eyes, the thrill of voyeurism adding to her pleasure. She saw Lisa shudder through orgasm twice, the second time only moments before Daisy’s eyes fluttered closed and she writhed in Paul’s arms as her own climax took her.

Afterward she resumed fondling him, slipping her hand inside his briefs to wrap her fingers around his hot, bare flesh. She stroked him slowly, feeling him grow harder, feeling his hips thrust forward instinctively. His dancing fingers paused as he buried his face in her neck and groaned. That simple sound of desire made her feel incredibly powerful.

On the bed before her, the other man kissed Lisa very thoroughly then murmured something to her. Lisa grinned brightly. “Yes, please!” she said.

He moved between Lisa’s legs. Her single glance at Daisy and the watching crowd, face flushed with arousal, grinning joyfully as she tore open a condom packet, was the only evidence that Lisa, too, was aware of their audience.

"Write what you know," they say. It gives your writing verisimilitude. And when it comes to erotica, the research is a hell of a lot of fun too.

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