Monday, May 16, 2011

The Recipe for Naughty

Hi everyone, I'm Jinx Jamison and I’m so excited to be doing my first post for The Naughty Girls! It took me ages to come up with a topic to write about but I finally decided. Writing and baking are two of my favorite things so I decided to combine them.

Welcome to The Recipe for Naughty, a series of posts about the creation of my new erotic series. Every Wednesday I’ll post where I am in my story along with a sneak peek at my work in progress, no matter how bad (or good!) it may be.

Now, I’m no celebrity chef, or writer in this instance but I think that can work to my advantage. I’m going to document what it’s like for a newbie writer to come up with a romance series from start to finish, planning stage to execution. Then I’ll put the final version up on Kindle and Nook and let the readers be the judge.

I hope you all will follow along as I conduct my experiment. And be gentle…

Viva la Naughty!


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