Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy Release Date!

So, after teasing you for ages...

Asking For Andre is FINALLY coming out!  ***squeeeeee****  Did I mention it's coming out in 2 weeks?

The naughty Italian playboy from Beg For It is set to once again heat up the halls of The Mirage Agency.

Andre Lavin lives life in the fast lane and the pampered Italian playboy isn’t used to being denied. Anything. Which makes his attraction to the shy, hauntingly beautiful Cassandra Michaels even more frustrating. She’s unimpressed by his flashy lifestyle and his every attempt to get closer seems to drive her further away. Until he overhears her whispered wish for sex lessons.

Where Casey comes from, rich, handsome men don’t fall for girls like her but there’s nothing to stop her from enjoying a fling. All she needs is one night to find out what she’s been missing and then she can go back to her boring, predictable life. One night to touch and be touched and she can leave with her heart intact.

Or so she hopes. Because although Andre is more than ready to teach her anything she asks, what he isn’t willing to do is ever let her go.

The official release date is 7.22.11

Let the countdown to hotness begin.  I'm so excited!



Anonymous said...

Is this an interracial novel?

Minx Malone said...

The first book in The Mirage Series (Beg For It) was interracial but Asking for Andre isn't. It's just the sequel because it contains a lot of the same characters.

Andre Lavin is Italian though which gives it a little diversity yummyness. Thanks for commenting!