Friday, February 8, 2008

Flirting 101 - The Release of The Cougar Meets Her Master

Hi everyone,

I'm celebrating! The Cougar Meets Her Master was released today from The Wilder Roses, the erotic side of the Wild Rose Press. Click To Purchase

In my story, Colt doesn't have subtle flirations. No, he gets what he wants, when he wants it, and Taylor isn't allowed to say no.

Blurb: Taylor Davis is turning 40. Her high powered job leaves little room for romance outside of her high powered vibrator that sleeps under her pillow. No pillow talk allowed. And no complaints from her. The rabbit never quits before she's done, doesn't complicate her calendar, and Taylor doesn't have to concoct excuses to make it go home after orgasms.

Enter Colt Foster. Has the bitch of the Beau Monde Hotel and Casino met her match? The hot, young detective has his own rules...and expects Taylor to play by them. Can she say no when Colt slaps on the cuffs? Does she want to...will he let her?

So today I thought I would blog about flirting. Here is the 101...

1- Make repeated contact. You need to let the intended target know your interested. Go for veral and non verbal clues. Eye contact. Give the target time to realize that yes, you want him/her. Say hello. Smile.

2- Find a way to isolate yourself, even for a minute. No one wants rejected in front of a group.

3- During your first conversation, whisper. Make them lean in and get a smell of your pheromones.

4- If you are the intended target of an unwanted flirt, gently pass them off to your girlfriend/male friends. They might be p'd off in the morning. but at least your off the hook.

5- Always have a contingency plan if the first flirt isn't receptive. Keep your options open. Also important that a friend has your back. Sometimes the packaging is tempting, but what's inside is...crap.

7- Dress for success and have good posture. Most targets want someone equally as attractive as they are.

8- Make sure your target also knows you find them attractive. Let your gaze linger in the right places.

9- The Flirt is the first impression. Make it count.
Have any flirting 101 tips, tell me about them

KyAnn Waters


Minx Malone said...

Congrats on the new release Kyann. Can't wait to read it.


Meagan Hatfield said...

Happy belated release day, KyAnn!!

"Cougar" is in my lap top, waiting to be read...I can't wait!!!

Michelle Lauren said...

Congrats on the new release Kyann. About the flirting...I like your "rules" about flirting, too. I think the most important is to be honest, and to let your "target" know you're interested. That might be a long look, or a smile, or a combination. I hate reading books where the women act snotty or standoffish, but expect the hero to translate that into, "she's interested." Great post.