Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gratutious Hottie Pics...

For no other reason than I love to objectify the opposite sex as much as they do us. Well, that and no one has posted yummy eye candy here yet. *grins*

Without further ado...here is my trifecta hottie list - and yes, they are in order. :-)



So, who are your top 3?


Beth said...

Oh David Beckham would have to be at the top-as long as he doesn't speak (have you seen the new Armani ad?.
Next would be Dave Grohl (gotta love a guy with a guitar), then it would be Johnny Depp (since 21 Jump Street).
I can't think of any more, their super mega hottness has clouded my brain.

Meagan Hatfield said...

Oooo, I have a scrummy pic of Becks. Can't say I've heard him speak...you'd think it would be all sultry and sexy what with his accent. No? Rats! LOL!

I loved Jump Streeet...I used to tot around all the Beta tapes I had of them, but finally purged my collection a few years ago. I mean, where would I even find a Beta player? :-)

Thanks for chiming in, Beth!

Michelle Lauren said...

Orlando Bloom is so hot I can't find a word to describe him except, Yum. And David Beckham. Great picks Meagan!

Eden Rivers said...

Mmm, yum. Thanks for the hottie photos--enjoyed them all :-) A nice break from editing!