Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello Tuesday readers!

I'm Emily Ryan-Davis and Minx has kindly invited me to come play with the regular Naughty Girls Next Door. I'm here today, instead of some other day, because my latest Ellora's Cave title releases today. The hero of ALL HE WANTS is a U.S. Marine Captain and my favorite hero to date. Minx suggested I interview Keith for you and provide some visual stimulation.

Well, as far as the interview goes - my heroes are a little recalcitrant. They might be willing to converse with my heroines but they're rarely willing to talk to me. I think they sense my voyeuristic streak because they always tell me to watch and see.

Captain Keith Moss...well, he's no different. I tried to interview him. Really, I did. See, here's proof!


“Captain, excuse me! Excuse me!” Emily shuffled across the airfield, her pink Hello Kitty scuffs soundless on the grass. The group of uniformed Marines continued to board the plane that would deliver them from Mongolia to the United States. The writer opened her mouth to call out again when one of the men looked back over his shoulder.

U.S. Marine Captain Keith Moss stood in the shadow of the plane ad met her eyes. Emily slowed. She actively concentrated on not licking her lips. Refraining was hard because...well, damn. And yum.

“Captain Moss,” she said as she reached him. “I know you're eager to get home but I wanted to ask you a few questions before we get started.”

The tall, broad-shouldered captain folded his arms across his chest. “Just a few. I'm not the only man here with plans.”

Oh...more Marines. Emily glanced past Keith. Mmmm. More Marines.

“Ma'am?” Prompted the subject of her latest project, a festive pregnancy fetish romp.

“Oh. Yes. Sorry.” Emily consulted her notes. “I have it written here that you're on your way home to see your wife.”
“I'm not married.”

Emily frowned. “But she's nearly eight months pregnant. You've been married for years and she's very eager for you to come home. You know. Eager. She's past the sick and tired stage, into the desperately horny stage...”

“I'm not married.” Captain Moss scowled. “And don't spread rumors that I am.”

“But what about Telly?” A note of panic edged Emily's voice.

His scowl deepened. Emily stiffened her legs and refused to back down. After a moment, he said muttered, “Telly isn't my wife.”

“Hm. But I thought...well, whatever. Telly is pregnant, though.” She studied him from the corner of her eye.

His jaw tightened. “Yeah, she is. Wait. What are you doing?”

“Correcting my notes. So if Telly isn't your wife and her baby isn't yours, what—hey!”

Quicker than she could stop him, Captain Moss relieved Emily of her notebook. “Telly hasn't done anything wrong,” he said.

“Well...no, not anything wrong. It's just, if she's not your wife, what is she? I have it written here that you're totally turned on by pregnant belly. But that belly belongs to your wife. My editor approved the premise and everything.”

He pitched her notebook into a trash can. “Yeah, well, your editor doesn't get a say in the matter.”

Emily stared at him. “But I have a smutty story to write. And a deadline.”

The captain pulled a photograph from his breast pocket and rubbed his thumb over the image. Emily tried to get a peek but he held the photo from view.

“Smutty story,” she repeated with a sigh.

A slow grin changed his features from kind-of-scary-ominous to hot-damn-sexy. “Okay,” he said. “But I'm telling you what happens. You're not telling me.”

Emily sighed again. “This always happens to me. I need to stop writing about men who like to be on top.”

But she followed him, anyway, and let her hero lead.


And she (I mean, I) did. Let him lead me directly into a sexy, sweet, and decidedly kinky story about a man, his best friend's sister, and his obsession with her baby belly.

Can you blame me? I mean, look at that man over there and tell me you wouldn't follow him into whatever fetish he decided to lead you into. If you can say you'd resist, I can only say your willpower is stronger than mine.

Emily Ryan-Davis writes all kinds of stuff, from historical to paranormal, futuristic to contemporary. ALL HE WANTS is her first contemporary release from Ellora's Cave. To find out more about her other titles, visit Scorched Sheets, the web site she shares with Freya's Bower and Liquid Silver Books author Elise Logan. Rumor has it Emily will be blogging with the Naughty Girls Next Door again in 2011.

For a special look at the U.S. Marine who might (or might not have!) inspired ALL HE WANTS, drop by KJ Reed's blog on December 3. There might be a video. :)


Anonymous said...

I loved it. Good try Emily.

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

LOL thanks. :) At least he didn't mind talking to Telly, even if he wouldn't talk to me!

Minx Malone said...

What's this about yummy Marine videos......

I need to start hanging out with you more Em :)