Monday, December 6, 2010

KJ Reed Talks Text

Hey girls! KJ here. Thanks for letting me pop on over and say hi! Cute place you got here. ;) I'm always for being a naughty neighbor...okay maybe not, since I live in an apartment and I don't want to be evicted. But the thought is still appealing! I'm really glad I got the chance to come over and chat with everyone!

So Minx asked me to talk a little bit about the idea behind my new release, Text Me, available at Ellora’s cave. So that’s what I’m going to do. Go grab your popcorn or your vente extra foam latte. I’ll wait. Go on, now. Shoo. I’ll be here when you get back.

Ya back? Good. Text Me is the story about a guy and a girl coming together in a not-so-conventional way. Although, the more I think about it, maybe with the new generation, it IS becoming more conventional. But I digress. First, let me back up. Recognize this movie?

I’m sure you do. It’s hard to not have at least heard of the movie. It’s your classic boy-meets-girl movie…except boy and girl meet online first. And then in person. But those who meet in person don’t know they’re the same as their online persona. Interesting, the parallel relationships they form.

It’s an absolute favorite of mine. I love how the two relationships (online vs. in person) are SO different. And it made me think about this concept…but a different mode of communication. Something even more modern/now than email/instant messaging. These days, people have their cell phones attached to their hand. Like Velcro. So why not try texting instead?

And Text Me was born.

Thanks for having me over, ladies! Want more info on this or other books by me? Head on over to my website and check out my blog, my about pages, and even behind-the-scenes info for each book, including deleted scenes. If you have a chance, check out Text Me.


Staff Sergeant Travis Donavon is on the hunt for his little sister. Though he hasn’t spoken to her in years, his last deployment reminded him how short life is, and it’s time to reconnect. Only problem? The one piece of contact information he has belongs to someone else now. A woman named Ariel. A woman he can’t get his mind off of.

Ariel Winston doesn’t have time for a man. Her plate is full with work and grad school and family obligations, and she’s fine with that. But the innocent friendship she’s sparked with Trav, the anonymous texter, can’t hurt. Right? It’s not like she’ll ever meet the guy face to face.

But when these two collide during a night of voyeuristic pleasure, they have decisions to make. Will they balk at what fate has dropped in their laps? Or be willing to look beyond the unique circumstances and enjoy their finite time together?