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Fangirl Friday - Lena Matthews

Most of you know I only do Fangirl Friday posts randomly. But I was re-reading some of the books in my keepers folder on my ereader and I realized a ton of them are by one person.

Lena Matthews

So I wanted to do a fantastic fangirl friday pimptastic move and showcase some of the hottest books I've read by Ms. Matthews Link

(1) The Gift

Ethan Neilson will do anything for his twin brother. Even father the child Benjamin is unable to with the woman they both love. All their lives, the brothers have shared everything, everything but the woman who matters most.

After several failed attempts to conceive a child, Hannah desperately wants a break. A weekend getaway to celebrate the birthdays of the two men she loves seems like the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.

Benjamin knows Ethan and Hannah love one another, just as he knows the three of them together forever is the way it always should have been. Now the only thing he has to do is convince his brother and wife. Having a child would be wonderful, but sharing his wife's heart and body with his brother is the gift Benjamin wants most of all.

A Naughty Girls Fave - I have probably read this one ten times because it is so good!

(2) The Joker's Wild Series

(a) Joker's Wild: Call Me

When Kayla Martin tries to revolutionize the sex toy industry she calls on the one person she’s grown to count on more than anyone else, her best friend and downstairs neighbor, Dylan Thompson.

When Kayla approaches him about being a test subject for her newest invention, an anal toy, Dylan is intrigued and aroused. That is until he finds out that The Walnut Wand is an anal toy for men.

Kayla’s sure that a prostate stimulator will be a hit, all she needs is a willing participant. Far from willing, Dylan flat out refuses, but that’s not enough to deter Kayla.

After their monthly poker game, Dylan and Kayla decide to make a risky bet. Kayla wants a test subject and Dylan wants the one thing’s he’s being craving for years. They’ll risk it all on one hand, but anything can happen when jokers are wild.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit language, use of sexual aids and graphic sex.

(b) Joker's Wild: Three Nights

Working for your dream man is never a good idea, especially when he’s as aloof as Chris Wilson. Eliza’s been dreaming of having her boss in her bed for several months now, and when the opportunity comes up for her to spend some of her off time with him at a poker game, she jumps at the chance. Too bad Chris isn’t as excited to see her, as she is to see him.

Eliza has gotten under Chris’s skin bad. He can’t go a day without thinking of his sexy secretary. Chris is determined to get her in his bed, that is until he finds out she has a daughter. He has a firm never date women with children policy that he isn’t willing to give into for anyone, until Eliza makes him a little wager. If he wins, Chris gets to have her any way he wants her, and if she wins Chris has to fulfill three of her fantasies.

It’s a win-win situation he thinks, but anything can happen when jokers are wild.

This title contains the following, explicit sex and graphic language.

(c) Joker's Wild : Stripped Bare - My favorite of the series!!!

When visiting an adult bookstore for a bachelor party, Professor Brody Kincaid is shocked to see his former student Missy Haddan working at the counter. He’s had his eyes on Missy since she’d been his student several months ago and has been waiting for the perfect time to approach her. Fate has just slipped her into his path. Her warm personality and full-figured beauty holds him captivated, and he is determined to have her no matter what the cost.

Missy sees all kinds at her job, but never expects to see her former professor. She knows he’s out of her league, but when Brody offers to teach her to play poker, Missy can’t resist the temptation to learn, or her desire for him.

Their simple games goes further then even she could have imagined. When the ante is upped and her heart is on the line, Missy is willing to risk it all on a game of chance, but anything could happen when jokers are wild.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex and graphic language.

P.S. Her BDSM-lite books at Ellora's Cave (co-authored with Maggie Casper) are also uber-HAWT (Friends with Benefits and Maverick's Black Cat)

Check out Lena's Matthews books directly at her publisher's sites below. Buying direct is usually cheaper and is the best way to support your favorite authors.

Lena at Ellora's Cave
Lena at Samhain

Happy Reading!

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