Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pimpin' My Girls

Two of my friends have new releases out that are super hot. First up is Emily Ryan-Davis' tale of forbidden love set in the midst of a sultry Virginia summer.

Summer in Virginia burns as hot as Mitchell’s desire for sheltered Southern princess Pepper. Between official assignments, Capt. Scott has a private mission—claim the genteel redhead before another man discovers the spicy passion lying dormant beneath Pepper’s skittish exterior.

Trust-fund baby Pepper is surrounded by men—her adoptive father, her stepbrothers, her casual romantic companion. All men who want her to fit the roles they envision.

Only Mitch has ever asked her what she wants. She’s going to tell him…as soon as she can think past the scorching press of his body against hers and the overwhelming compulsion of her hunger for a man society says she shouldn’t crave.

Next up is a scorching tale of the hottest fraternity in existence: The Big V by Lolita Lopez

A night of wild partying with football god Chris at his frat’s Halloween bash sounds like the perfect cure for Ashley’s midterm blues. But her carefree night quickly takes an FML turn. Chris and his hunky frat buddies intend to use her as their virgin sacrifice!

She nearly faints as Chris describes the deliciously dirty ritual orgy they have planned, a ritual centered on giving Ashley multiple orgasms. Sensual massage. Spanking. Twelve sets of big, strong hands on her innocent body. A dozen soft mouths driving her wild. Could there be a more memorable way to lose the Big V than with these sinfully sexy frat boys?

Chris promises Ashley a night she’ll never forget—and she plans to hold him to it.

Reader Advisory: Our heroine endures scorching sexual pleasure at the hands—and mouths—of a dozen horny frat brothers. Oh, what torture…

Both of these books are available at Ellora's Cave. Be prepared to be either shocked, scandalized or really, really satisfied after reading :)



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