Friday, December 16, 2011

Kindle Freebie from Ian Dalton!

Here's a Kindle freebie from author Ian Dalton. Ian will be joining us later this month to talk about the life of the male erotica author.  Enjoy!

The prequel to the Victoria Wilde series, Desperate Thoughts is a 40,000 word novella, which reveals the tragic yet steaming hot story of how Victoria got her mojo.


On his deathbed, Victoria Wilde's husband David leaves her with a gift; a replica of the most intimate part of him and makes her promise to go on with her life and share her most cherished gifts with another. But even after fourteen months the young widow finds herself unable to enjoy his gift or share her own. When Victoria spots a man who could be her late husband's younger twin, she's reminded of a story David shared of him as an insecure college freshman, who was given the gift of self-confidence by a clandestine sexual encounter with a beautiful older woman, and Victoria relives the erotic experience with her Davidesque stranger. Afterward, she's re-awakened sexually and motivated to do the same for other deserving young men in a way that both honors her lost love's memory and satisfies her desperately unfulfilled desires. With each new encounter the risk grows along with the passion until events spiral out of control and she's forced to choose between continuing down a path of self-destruction or finally letting go of the past.

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