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New Year's Eve Interview with Author Ian Dalton!

This has been an exceptional year for all of us here at Naughty Girls. I was going to do a recap but that's a little boring so instead, I thought I'd end it with an interview with a new author. Enjoy!


Naughty Girls - Tell us a little about Ian Dalton.

Ian - I've been writing for about six years and began by writing humorous fiction. I'm married, have a full time job, three kids and a new puppy who's currently driving us all crazy with his teething, rambunctiousness and incessant humping of pretty much anything and anyone. I'd love to write full time, but for now, it's just a hobby.

Naughty Girls - What the hell is a guy doing writing erotic contemporary romance?

Ian - Okay, so maybe I'm a little too in touch with my feminine side or maybe I just need some good professional help. At this point I'm not really sure…I can tell you that I have a loyal, but somewhat small group of female fans who really love this series. So I think I have some talent in this genre. All I ask is for readers to download a sample and give me a chance. I believe they'll be pleasantly surprised.

Naughty Girls - In your novels the sex scenes are smoking hot- where do you find the inspiration?

Ian - I enjoy occasional mind-blowing amazing sex with my incredible wife and channel those memories when I'm crafting scenes and then let my imagination take over from there. I say occasional because what guy really thinks he gets it enough… Plus the kids, puppy and just general life stuff can really cut into the amount of romance novel quality type sex a couple can actually have.

Naughty Girls - So why the switch from writing comedy novels to erotic contemporary romance?

Ian - When I wrote my first novel, this comedy about of all things, the subject of male enhancement, I found my sex scenes drifting into the 'a little too much information/erotic/explicit' zone. A friend who read an early draft alerted me to this. So I scaled back those scenes and released it as more of a straight comedy novel. I found that I really enjoyed writing the hot scenes, so I went back and included them in a new version of that story and plan on releasing it under the title ENHANCED very soon. I actually write under two pen names- one for my humorous less explicit work and another for my contemporary erotic romance. I plan to have a version of each book available under each pen name. Well, all except Desperate Thoughts. If I scaled back on the explicitness of that story, it would be just a few pages long…J

Naughty Girls - Where did you get the inspiration for Inappropriate Thoughts?

Ian - Where else…a past relationship. A girl that I won’t mention by name, actually broke my heart in college in pretty much the exact way outlined in the book. She was a ballet dancer and she could really do that thing with her leg (keeping one on the floor while pointing the other straight up to the ceiling) and when I saw her do it at a party, I was hooked. Okay, so I was a shallow pathetic inexperienced eighteen year-old loser… Anyway most of the beginning of the story is based on true events, with the names changed to protect the guilty…I thought my memories from my relationship with 'Miss Flexibility' would make a great start for a novel. From there I set out to write a story to capture the intense desire between a couple who are completely crazy about one another, but are desperately trying to squash those feelings. It's the story of a divorced woman who falls for a younger man who just happens to be the best friend of her son. I wanted to explore all the passionate thoughts floating around in their heads as they pined away, but for obvious reasons are prevented from acting on their desires.

Naughty Girls - So in the story, your romance plays out on a tennis court of all places, what the heck is that about?

Ian - I was looking for a common interest that my characters could share. One that would bring them together in a way that could almost seem sexual without being sexual, you know…In my novel, tennis becomes the sex replacement for this couple as they long for one another. I've always been drawn to tennis. I feel it's the only sport a man and woman can play competitively together and have it be intense and almost sexy. All the grunting and the rhythm that players can get into on the court as they blast the ball back to each other over the net can be incredibly sensual. Not to mention the shorts skirts and all that bending over…Anyway, what was the question again?

Naughty Girls - We love Victoria and are dying to know where you came up with her character?

Ian - She really started as a minor character in the story. I was looking to create a wild and crazy friend to contrast against Jillian Grayson's straight laced, much more proper and shy personality. From there Victoria was born and as I kept writing she became a bigger and bigger part of the story- especially in books two and three.

Naughty Girls - What can you tell us about the series prequel Desperate Thoughts?

Ian - I was so intrigued with the amazing and sexy Victoria, that as I was writing Inappropriate Thoughts, before I even finished the first draft, I decided I needed to write Victoria's back-story. So I put I.T. away for a while and wrote Desperate Thoughts. I was obsessed with figuring out how Victoria developed her mojo, her superfun, wild, strong, sexy personality and I as I crafted it I had a blast. Her story is a little tragic and certainly doesn't have the elements of humor found in the rest of the series, but it's steaming hot if I do say so myself. Let's just say I would love to be Ethan in that story as he got to know Victoria. I recommend that the prequel be read after the other books, but it really can be read at any time within the series.

Naughty Girls - Tell us what's planned for the VICTORIA WILDE series.

Ian - I would…except I don’t want to spoil it. I have an author's note at the end of Revealing Thoughts, which is book three, and there I reveal some things upcoming in book four.

Naughty Girls - So what are you working on now?

Ian - My marriage mainly…I'm taking a little break so my head doesn't explode. I wrote over 250,000 words in this series in 2011 and I need to spend some time with my wife so she doesn't leave me. Victoria has me exhausted, she's been known to do that to a guy…I invite readers to send me an email to help coax me off my ass to finish the fourth book sooner. But for now my brain just hurts and I think I'll have a beer or two and rub my wife's feet occasionally…

Naughty Girls - It seems to be an unusual strategy to offer each of your novels in two forms. Can you tell us more about your plan?

Ian - I'm an unusual guy and I tend to think of my books as something like a copy of a DVD movie that gives you a choice of "rated" and "unrated" versions. I enjoy writing the explicit scenes, but know that not all readers are looking for that much heat. I believe the comedy and characters are strong enough in all the books to let the stories stand on their own without all the explicitness. I wanted to give people a choice. So whether a reader likes their contemporary romance regular or extra spicy, I believe I have something for them. I'm trying to keep the pen names separate for now until I figure all this out. So if someone is interested in the "tamer" versions of my books, they can send me an email for more information.

Naughty Girls - And finally any New Year's resolutions for 2012?

Ian - Definitely floss more, a lot more… Oh, rub my wife's feet at least once a week (Please note this is much less than the twice a day she's looking for…) Figure out what the hell to do with the love triangle that surrounds Victoria in book four of my series and, oh yeah, come clean with my kids that I'm writing erotic contemporary romance novels…on second thought, I think I'll wait until 2014 for that one. That's when they'll finally be heading off to college where it's a lot harder to embarrass them…


Ian Dalton has released four books in the Victoria Wilde series, Desperate Thoughts the prequel (An Amazon exclusive) followed by Inappropriate Thoughts, Secret Thoughts and Revealing Thoughts. He plans to release book four, Second Thoughts early in 2012. If you'd like to help get Ian off his butt, want information on his "tamer" series or just want to send him a note, you can reach him at or follow him on twitter @sexywildesays.

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