Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sexual Content Warning Labels

Nature’s Pentacle, my first novel, is now available from Loose Id! And it comes with its very own, red hot warning label. Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dominance, male/male sexual interaction, ménage (m/m/m/f), multiple partners, voyeurism.

In a way, that provides the reader with information nearly as important as the blurb: When witches use sexual energy in a rite to mend the shattered environment, the forces set in motion carry them into a vortex of loss, a sizzling ménage, and finally, to the love they never imagined they’d find.

When I’m shopping for erotic romance online, I frequently read the blurb to see if the story sounds interesting, and then eagerly evaluate the warning label to see what this particular literary erotic feast contains. Let’s face it; those warnings can be--titillating.

Of course, the sexual content warnings also serve to protect those who might be uncomfortable with certain elements. I’m telling my friends to read the warning carefully if they’re thinking about buying Nature's Pentacle, because it’s not “beginner level” erotic romance, and I don’t want to shock or upset anyone who’s not interested in paranormal erotic romance with a bit of an edge.

But for those of us who enjoy a little kink with our fiction, those “Publisher’s Notes” provide a cornucopia of information. So, readers, what do you look for in a warning label? Any favorite “kinks” in erotic romances? And what elements stretch beyond your personal tolerance range?

Happy reading!

Eden Rivers


Jill Hansen said...

This isn't going to burn my retinas, is it? :D It sounds hot--can't wait to read it! As for your questions, I can tolerate anything as long as everybody is having a good time.

Eden Rivers said...

Hmm, though I admit the story is red hot, I think your eyesight is safe, Jill--lol! As for me, on what I can tolerate in a warning label, I'm big on "consenting adults" and by that I mean everyone the adults are committed to consents (cheating turns me off, big time!). I have no stomach for the return of forced seduction/capture as an erotic element. And the usual "no" list for erotic publishers works for me--no beasties, no extreme violence, no ickky play with bodily fluids that were never meant to be sexual, etc. Oh, I've gotta say, even when there's total consent, real, serious pain and bodily damage are a huge turn-off for me. Guess it's all personal, what we can read, and what we can't.

Michelle Lauren said...

Hey Eden,

I think the warnings on books can be scintillating, and sometimes are more intriguing than the blurbs. Some, though are amusing--like the ones Samhain Publishing posts with their books. Great post!

Savannah Chase said...

oh this does sound like a hot read and I adore that cover